TBO Fail: Selection Bias and Voluntary Drug Testing

August 28, 2011
The Florida state legislature, at Governor Rick Scott’s urging, passed strict legislation earlier this year requiring welfare recipients to take mandatory drug tests–and pass–as a requirement for receiving their state benefits.  Tampa Bay Online ran… Read More

FDR v. Obama’s Leadership

August 8, 2011
David Westen wrote an article in the NYT comparing Obama’s leadership to FDR. This is a pretty vogue comparison because it compares two Democratic presidents in the myst of an economic… Read More

And it happened…

August 6, 2011
This is what happens when you play chicken with an economic freight train. If you’re interested in academic takes on the credit downgrade, I recommend the following links:… Read More

Sarah Binder on Super Congresses

July 26, 2011
Sarah Binder has a great post over at the Monkey Cage on the precedent and utility of “super committees.” It’s absolutely worth the read if you want to understand what this… Read More

Burying the Lead: Grade Inflation and the Public-Private Divide

July 21, 2011
The following graph (available here at Flowing Data) has been doing the blog and twitter circuit the past few days. The data, collected by Stuart Rojstaczer, shows the average GPA… Read More

Happy 4th of July!

July 4, 2011
Rule 22ers are off enjoying today’s festivities and hopes you are doing the same. Here is some light reading from Gordon Wood on the full significance of the Fourth. Read More

Blog Round-Up

July 1, 2011
We can add one more case to the list of government shutdowns.  Politico has an interesting article about the implications that the government shutdown… Read More

John Kasich’s Air Ball

June 17, 2011
Just in case you hadn’t heard, John Kasich, the current Ohio governor, issued a resolution the other day making the Dallas Mavericks “honorary Ohioans.”  My favorite part of the resolution: “Whereas, NBA Finals… Read More

Blog Round-Up

June 7, 2011
Here are the mandatory Wiener-gate posts. On a side note, when is the media going to get more creative with scandal titles? Why must everything end in –gate? From… Read More

Anthony Weiner’s Thursday Schedule

June 2, 2011
This is just awesome (courtsey of Ted McCagg via TheMonkeyCage):… Read More