How a Majority Can Overcome Filibustering Without Changing the Rules

August 29, 2017
Source: “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” Columbia Pictures Corporation, 1939. James Wallner writes at the Federalist: [S]enators have proposed various reforms over the years to clamp down on the minority’s… Read More

ICYMI: Senatorial Scrums Make Members into Rubber Stamps

August 16, 2017
Source: Wikipedia. James Wallner writes at the Library of Law and Liberty: “Look behind every major legislative success the U.S. Senate has had in recent years and you will… Read More

Why Does the Senate So Rarely Consider a Budget Resolution?

August 9, 2017
The share of amendments to the budget resolution that are symbolic, 1993-2015. Source: Molly Reynolds, “Considering the budget resolution in the Senate: Challenges and consequences of reform,” May 2017. By… Read More

Why Amending Obamacare Under Reconciliation Will Be Hard

July 26, 2017
James Wallner writes at the Examiner: “Changing a reconciliation bill in the Senate is harder than you think. And the reason why has nothing to do with healthcare… Read More

James Wallner Joins R Street Institute as Senior Fellow

July 18, 2017
James Wallner has joined the R Street Institute as a senior fellow and member of R Street’s Governance Project team and Legislative Branch Capacity Working Group. Dr. Wallner… Read More

Senate Extends Its Calendar. But Will It Achieve Much?

July 17, 2017
Source: Harper’s Weekly, courtesy of the U.S. Senate. James Wallner writes in the Examiner: “Senate Republicans should be applauded. They were right to delay the start of their August recess…… Read More

Ditching the Filibuster Won’t Save the Senate

July 6, 2017
James Wallner writes at the Library of Law & Liberty: “The Senate is broken, but eliminating the filibuster is only likely to exacerbate the underlying causes of the… Read More

Only Congress Can Save Itself

June 28, 2017
James Wallner writes at the Library of Law & Liberty: “Restoring the Constitution’s institutional foundation, though, requires that all branches take an active part. Congress, the executive, and… Read More

1950s Control Tactics Can’t Manage Today’s Freewheeling Senators

June 27, 2017
Mike Mansfield, master of a different Senate. James Wallner writes in the Federalist: “Healthy institutions require effective leadership. This is evident in the dysfunction surrounding the health-care debate in… Read More

Parties and the Challenges of Partisan Governance

June 26, 2017
Thomas Nast, “Third Term Trap,” 1874. Source: James Wallner writes at the Examiner: “It’s almost July and the Republican Party has yet to repeal Obamacare due to divisions… Read More