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“Cognitive Madisonians” and Congressional Approval

May 12, 2011  ·  LegBranch Team
Declining approval of Congress is a popular topic these days (note: low Congressional approval is always popular, just more so recently).  The importance of this issue was aptly described in 1974… Read More

A Shameless Plug: Shirking the Initiative?

April 28, 2011  ·  LegBranch Team
Maybe shameless is a bit strong; disseminating your research is important in academia after all.  But Josh and I (along with our colleague at Florida, Dan Smith), have a paper that was… Read More

Obama’s Birth Certificate: Diminishing Marginal Utility and Finite Agenda Space

April 27, 2011  ·  LegBranch Team
I posted this on Seth Masket’s facebook page a moment ago (see his blog here).  Seth asked why Obama released his birth certificate now when there is presumably an electoral incentive to… Read More

America Still hates Congress…but not always.

April 25, 2011  ·  LegBranch Team
Jonathan Bernstein and Ezra Klein have a couple posts on Congress’s terrible approval ratings. Both make good points. Klein points out: …the issue isn’t individuals so much as… Read More

“Washington is broken.” Good point. Why is nobody trying to repair it?

April 20, 2011  ·  LegBranch Team
Since bipartisan “hope” in Obama’s first campaign has worn off, we are back to accepting the Washington’s “broken” politics.  Of course, by “Washington” people mean “Congress.” However, when it comes… Read More

And…shutdown averted

April 8, 2011  ·  LegBranch Team
Whew.  That was close, and with more than an hour to spare!… Read More

The Duration of Government Shutdowns

April 7, 2011  ·  LegBranch Team
I only have a few minutes, so my contribution to our shutdown discussion will be limited. Will a government shutdown occur?  I don’t know.  My intuition tells me no, as I think the… Read More

Shutdown Roundtable: Lessons from 1994?

April 6, 2011  ·  LegBranch Team
Here at Rule22, we decided to try something new: we’re each going to weigh in on the looming government shutdown.  Josh’s excellent post, if you haven’t read it, suggests… Read More

Shutdown Roundtable: Bargaining Strategies

April 6, 2011  ·  LegBranch Team
One thing is certain: Republicans’ bargaining strategy is a winner. Over the past couple years Republicans won major legislative concessions while still winning the message battle. It’s an impressive feat… Read More

Legislative Responsiveness: A Class Bias?

April 4, 2011  ·  LegBranch Team
Richard Florida makes the claim that the American states are becoming increasingly conservative ( This trend, he goes on to argue, has been exacerbated by the economic troubles… Read More