Video: Congress and the judiciary: What the House and Senate can do to fix the courts

Court reform is moving to the forefront of political discourse. On the 2020 presidential campaign trail, candidates are putting forth proposals on how to fix the federal courts. Last week, the Senate forced reform of its post-cloture debate time for judicial nominees, limiting debate time to two hours to address the large backlog of court vacancies. And last year, the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh set a new precedent for the politicization of both the confirmation process and Americans’ view of our judicial system.

Where does Congress hold power to initiate court reform? Are term limits the answer to court politicization? Is court packing a viable modernization route? Prof. Tara Leigh Grove, Gabe Roth, Anthony Marcum, and Dylan Hedtler-Gaudette discuss these questions and consider judicial capacity generally.

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