October Event – How centralized power is corrupting our institutions, increasing polarization, and undermining elections

The R Street Institute will host its inaugural Real Solutions Summit on October 18 at the Planet Word Museum. The Real Solutions Summit will feature in-depth discussions, networking opportunities, keynotes and panels that address critical public policy challenges – from the future of U.S. democracy and elections, to prioritizing public safety while fostering law enforcement-community relationships, to adapting to the rapidly-evolving world of artificial intelligence. It begins at 12pm ET and ends at 5:30pm ET, with a rooftop reception capping off the evening at 7pm ET.

The first two panels will address the size, scope and powers of government as well as elections and electoral reform. The speakers include:

  • Part 1:
    • [Moderator] Ramesh Ponnuru, Editor, National Review (Bio.)
    • James Wallner, Senior Fellow, Governance, R Street Institute (Bio.)
    • Veronique de Rugy, George Gibbs Chair in Political Economy, Senior Research Fellow, Mercatus Center (Bio.)
    • Casey Mattox, Vice President for Legal and Judicial Strategy, Americans for Prosperity (Bio.)
  • Part 2:
    • [Moderator] Matt Germer, Associate Director and Resident Elections Fellow, Governance Program, R Street Institute (Bio.)
    • Jonathan Bydlak, Governance Policy Director, R Street Institute (Bio.)
    • Trey Grayson, Partner, Frost Brown Todd Attorneys and former Kentucky Secretary of State (R) and former Chair of the Republican Association of Secretaries of State (Bio.)
    • Scott Warren, Fellow, Stavros Niarchos Foundation Agora Institute at Johns Hopkins University (Bio.)

To reserve your seat and see the full agenda for the Summit, click here.

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