Red Tape Podcast, Episode 6 – Where’s The Lie?

The Pope was wearing what?! Get ready to find out as we navigate the murky waters of misinformation.  R Street’s Resident Elections Fellow, Matt Germer, joins host Kelli Pierce to talk about election misinformation, and unpacks mail-in ballots and the strengths and weaknesses in states’ voting infrastructures that were revealed by the 2020 election. They also discuss election fraud in the US, recapping recent cases of ballot harvesting and bad apples.

Kelli also speaks with Stacey McKenna, R Street’s Resident Senior Fellow for Integrated Harm Reduction about the complexities of the illicit drug crisis. Stacey breaks down how fear-based anti-drug campaigns riddled with misinformation are doing more harm than good. Stacey also gives insight on effective harm-reduction methods, and shares her personal experience with addiction.

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Topics: Parties, Campaigns, & Elections

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