ICYMI: Thursday, June 1 Gathering On Congressional Reform

June 1, 2017

Is Congress Broken? Not Necessarily

May 25, 2017
By Richard M. Skinner William F. Connelly, Jr., John J. Pitney, Jr., and Gary J. Schmitt, Is Congress Broken? The Virtues and Defects of Partisanship and Gridlock (Brookings Institution… Read More

ICYMI: June 1 Gathering On Congressional Reform

May 19, 2017

Come to the May, 23 Meeting of the Legislative Branch Capacity Working Group

May 11, 2017
Does Congress Have the Capacity it Needs to Conduct Oversight? RSVP Envisioned by the founders as the “first” branch of government, Congress has the responsibility of overseeing… Read More

Congressional Reform: June 1, 2017 Event

May 8, 2017

For Lasting Regulatory Reform, Congress Must Act

May 5, 2017
The Wall Street Journal’s lead editorial from April 18, “Trump’s Deregulation Project,” applauded President Donald Trump’s early deregulatory moves, such as issuing Executive Order 13771 and whacking Obama-era… Read More

Save the Date: Next Meeting On May 23, 2017 at 12:30pm

May 2, 2017
Please hold the date for the next meeting of the Legislative Branch Capacity Working Group. We will meet on Tuesday, May 23 from 12:30 to 2:00pm in Dirksen Senate Office… Read More

Rep. Derek Kilmer On Efforts at Bipartisanship

May 1, 2017
You can listen to Michael Golden’s half-hour interview with Rep. Kilmer at http://michaelgolden.me/podcast/washington-state-congressman-derek-kilmer/… Read More

Podcast with Michael Golden Regarding Congressional Reform

April 12, 2017
Image source: http://michaelgolden.me/podcast/ Understandably, politics, policy (military, health, etc.), and re-election tend to swamp the minds of those who serve on Capitol Hill. What tends to get crowded out is thinking… Read More

When Presidents Try to Primary Congressmen

April 6, 2017
Source: http://www.todayingeorgiahistory.org/content/fdrs-controversial-speech-barnesville by Rob Oldham In Barnesville, Georgia in August 1938, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, recently elected to his second term in 1936, shared a stage with Senator Walter George, the… Read More