On to Reconciliation! Republicans have a plan but probably won’t follow it.

January 12, 2017
By Joshua C. Huder The Senate passed a budget yesterday. It lacked some of the typical hallmarks of a budget resolution. Namely, the chamber did not debate in any great… Read More

About That Trump Term-Limit Proposal

January 9, 2017
Source: Bill Watterson by Rob Oldham In the waning days of his campaign for president, Donald Trump stoked the anti-Washington sentiment that had drawn in so many of… Read More

Make Congress Great Again: Want a Hat?

January 5, 2017
Since spring 2016, New America and the R Street Institute have toiled to “Make Congress Great Again.” Lee Drutman, my partner in this enterprise, and… Read More

Follow the Legislative Branch Capacity Working Group On Facebook

December 7, 2016
Please follow us on Facebook, where we will post our content and other news: https://www.facebook.com/Legislative-Branch-Capacity-Working-Group-1818867645003223/… Read More

Will the Congressional Review Act Be a Big Deal In January?

November 29, 2016
Some of the many volumes of the Code of Federal Regulations. By Kevin R. Kosar Will the Congressional Review Act become a big deal in January? Maybe. Congress enacted the… Read More

Is Too Much Transparency Crippling Congressional Deal-Making?

November 27, 2016
The U.S. Congress: Too much or too little transparency? by Rob Oldham President-elect Donald Trump prides himself on being a deal-maker and has said that he hopes to… Read More

Video of Meeting On Legislative Branch Reorganization

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November 22, 2016
Enjoy the melodious orations of Kevin Kosar (R Street Institute), Walter Oleszek (Congressional Research Service), and Mark Strand (Congressional Institute) during your lengthy holiday travels, or as you recover from… Read More

Banning Dialing for Dollars Will Not Fix Congress

November 21, 2016
By Kevin R. Kosar I agree with the conventional wisdom that congressmen spend entirely too much of their time raising money. Like many viewers, I cringed at John… Read More

Are Congressional Term Limits a Bad Idea?

November 15, 2016
Lee Drutman, senior fellow at New America and co-director of the Legislative Branch Capacity Working Group, certainly thinks so. He writes in a recent Vox column: In one recent… Read More

Ominous Omnibus: A CR is coming.

November 14, 2016
By Joshua C. Huder With elections over, lawmakers make their way back to DC today. They will be faced with several pieces of important business, perhaps none more important than… Read More