This Quiet House

March 31, 2014
This past week the House passed by voice vote the SGR patch, or “doc fix,” setting Medicare physician reimbursement rates. This means we don’t know how individual House members voted. Read More

Voting Against the Debt Limit Is for Losers Redux

February 11, 2014
A few minutes ago, the House voted 221-201 to approve a “clean” debt limit increase.  What’s interesting about this—aside from all of it—is that this is yet another violation of the… Read More

How Likely is an Overthrow of the Speaker?

October 16, 2013
In the wake of the CR and debt limit debates, some are asking if Boehner will lose his job. I have a post over at the GAI blog outlining… Read More

Government Shutdowns != Thelma and Louise

September 24, 2013
As we watch the Ted Cruz filibuster-ish thingy on CSPAN, I’m reminded of Harry Reid’s claim yesterday that the GOP’s effort to defund the Affordable Care Act, and ultimately… Read More

The House’s Competitiveness Problem… or Lack Thereof

September 5, 2013
At my other blog at the Government Affairs Institute, I have a post up on the increasing uncompetitiveness of U.S. House districts. There are signs that House elections may… Read More

Blogging Hiatus

November 27, 2012
Just a quick administrative note: I’ll be stepping away from the blog for the next several months. For the remainder of this academic year I am working in Congress as… Read More

Obligatory Rule22 House-Senate Projections

November 6, 2012
Congressional elections don’t get the same hype as the “Road to 270 Electoral votes.” Regardless, we thought it’d be fun to offer our humble projections for the next Congress. In… Read More

What do Bacon and Political Science Have in Common?

February 20, 2012
For any political scientists heading to the Midwest Political Science Association’s conference in April, apparently Chicago’s “Baconfest” is the same weekend.  Bacon milkshakes for everyone!!!   hat tip… Read More

Congratulations to Josh and Nate!

February 20, 2012
I wanted to take a moment for a little Rule 22 self-promotion.  Congratulations are in order for a supermajority of this blog. Last week, Josh was awarded the American Political… Read More

Paul Krugman and Congressional Polarization

February 19, 2012
In Friday’s The New York Times, Paul Krugman addressed what he sees as the disconnect between Republican rhetoric about the welfare state and the distribution of welfare benefits in… Read More