Congressional Management Foundation: What Does Working in Congress Mean to You?

In 2011, the Congressional Management Foundation surveyed more than 1,400 congressional staff and asked an open-ended question:

What does working in Congress mean to you?

They received more than 600 responses and the answers are just as important today than they were then. Among them:

“Trying to be a part of making the world a better place. We are fixing what’s broken and helping give a voice to those in need.” —House Office Manager

“It means that sometimes I have the ability to fix a problem for some people and every once in awhile feel like I’m working towards the greater good.” – House Legislative Assistant

“ability to listen directly to constituents and get that information to the congress in a more timely fashion.” –  House Caseworker/Constituent Services Supervisor/Director

“The opportunity to be a part of something much larger than myself–serving a senator with a clearly defined vision who is a person of principle and commitment. He has been a force for responsible leadership and constructive legislation serving the needs of our constituents and our nation. Despite the long hours and demands it imposes on both me and my family, I consider this opportunity to serve as a rare and special privilege.” – Senate Legislative Assistant

“It is a chance to serve, to bring our politics back from the brink. It provides an opportunity to revive the faith of the American people in their government, and to fight for good government over no government. I could do a lot of things, but I feel the impact here is more substantial.” – Senate Field Representative

“It provides an opportunity to advocate for those who don’t normally have a voice in the policy making process. Additionally, I like being in a position that allows me to share information with community leaders to help them achieve their goals and build stronger communities.” – Senate Field Representative

All 57 pages are worth reading.

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