South Park Explains Why We’re Trillions in Debt

What can we learn about the U.S. debt crisis from a classic South Park episode? Turns out, almost everything. In this episode of Red Tape, a new podcast from the R Street Institute, Kelli Pierce and Shoshana Weissmann dissect the classic Margaritaville episode from Season 13 of South Park in 2009. 

Host Kelli Pierce is then joined by Nan Swift, a Resident Fellow  for R Street’s Governance Program, to examine the complexities of the U.S. budget and why bad ideas persist in government. Also, why is Bill Gates receiving farm bill subsidies? 

Kelli also speaks with Jonathan Bydlak, Policy Director for the Governance Policy Program and a Resident Senior Fellow, where they discuss the differences between how the federal government and states handle budgeting, and the implications of people seeking more and better public assistance. Also, what Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul have in common. (Full episode transcript here.)

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