R Street launches a new podcast: Red Tape

This week, the R Street Institute launched Red Tape, a new podcast about the country’s biggest problems and the surprising ways that governments (and regular people) often get in the way of solving them. 

Did you know that you commit up to three felonies on an average day? Do you wonder why clean energy hasn’t been widely adopted yet? Or why you can’t just make TikToks all day? 

Americans are in constant need of real solutions that fit the real world. But more often than not, bureaucratic red tape keeps change from happening. That’s where we come in.

Listen along with co-hosts Kelli Pierce and Shoshana Weissmann as they dive deep into pressing public policy issues, including: 

  • What we get wrong about cash bail;
  • Why we must expand contraception access;
  • How we can harness more clean energy (rain or shine);
  • The good news about artificial intelligence (if we don’t mess it up); and
  • Everything you wanted to know about the federal budget but were afraid to ask without a few beers.

But that’s not all. Each episode features R Street’s expert scholars and trademark humor, including South Park jokes, a new game show called Bureaucracy or B.S. and more from the nation’s top think tank known for utilizing SpongeBob memes in its quest for real public policy solutions.

Listen to Red Tape wherever you find podcasts, including Apple PodcastsSpotify and more. The problems might be more absurd—and the answers far simpler—than you think. The first season releases one episode every two weeks, including the following: 

Episode 1 (with transcript): “You’re not as free as you think”

Episode 2: “It ain’t easy being clean”

Episode 3: “Ban it all!”

Episode 4: “South Park explains why we’re trillions in debt”

Episode 5: “They took our jobs!”

Episode 6: “Where’s the lie?”

Episode 7: “It’s 230. Do you know where your children are?”

Episode 8: “Build high where it’s dry”

Learn more about Red Tape at https://www.rstreet.org/red-tape.

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