The Alliance for Congress, a new initiative by the Partnership for Public Service, launches today!

Their mission is to unite allies to help Congress become a healthier and more capable institution that can tackle big issues and serve the public good. Over the past several months, the Partnership has joined other good government groups, civic organizations, congressional experts and leaders from across the political spectrum in the space to help modernize Congress.

In light of their launch, the Alliance also released a new research study focusing on how congressional staff view the health of the institution overall.

Going forward, the Alliance will work collaboratively to:

  • Promote productive solutions and recognize success in the legislative branch;
  • Elevate new and diverse voices serving in the institution;
  • Provide tools and resources to members of Congress and staff; and
  • Drive a forward-looking conversation around congressional functionality, diversity and equity.

And as PPS president Max Stier notes in his own announcement about the initiative, the Alliance for Congress will focus on three key areas of work:

  • Resources: We equip members of Congress and staff with tools, data and constructive recommendations so the institution can become more responsive to the needs of constituents.
  • Connections: We amplify and support the efforts of allies working to strengthen Congress and serve as a collaborative partner in the broader effort to empower Congress to deliver results for the public.
  • Recognition: We advocate for the institution and tell the stories of the people who solve problems and promote a future-focused vision of Congress that better serves our diverse and changing nation. 

“As the Partnership has learned through its work with the executive branch, healthy public sector organizations – with good leaders and engaged employees – are essential to serving the people,” he said.

Learn more about the Alliance for Congress at and follow them on Twitter @allforcongress.

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