Recent news on the Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress

“So far, the panel has held six hearings, including its first on March 12. Kilmer and the top Republican, Tom Graves of Georgia, have hired three full-time staffers and three fellows and are operating with a budget just shy of $500,000. The panel unanimously approved a slate of recommendations in May aimed at making more congressional information open to the public. ‘Tom and I made a decision upfront to figure out where we could find common ground, figure out where we could make recommendations and then move,’ Kilmer said. The select committee is supposed to offer recommendations for rehabilitating Congress in technology and cybersecurity, procedures and scheduling as well as improving staff retention and diversity.

Kate Ackley, “House modernization leaders seek consensus despite hurdles,” Roll Call, July 10, 2019.

Also, listen in to this Tom Temin interview with Rep. Derek Kilmer and Rep. Tom Graves: “Lawmakers discuss challenges awaiting House committee to modernize Congress,” Federal News Radio, June28, 2019.

Additional news on the Committee’s work can be gleaned at and on Twitter at @ModernizeCmte and @ModComGOP.

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