Should the Budget Resolution Be Signed by the President?

June 16, 2016
George Mason University’s James C. Capretta suggests a joint budget resolution signed by the president would produce a more collaborative budget process. He writes: The current budget process does… Read More

House Votes Against Reducing Ethics Committee Funding

June 13, 2016
On Friday, June 10, the House rejected an amendment to reduce its spending on its Office of Congressional Ethics…. (Read more at Two Congressional Research Service reports… Read More

Register for the June 20 Meeting on Congressional Staffing

June 2, 2016
House Committee staff levels. Source: Lee Drutman and Steven Teles. We’ll meet in the Capital Visitors Center to discuss congressional staff. We chose this topic based upon your responses to… Read More

House Spending Data Shows Where the Staff Are

June 2, 2016
As DemandProgress’ Daniel Schuman reports, the House just began publishing its spending reports online as data. The House’s “Statements of Disbursement,” which show who how much money… Read More

Survey Results: Congress Is Not Well Equipped to Do Its Job

June 1, 2016
We received 45 responses to our survey on legislative branch capacity. The figures below display the aggregate responses, which came from Hill staff and close watchers of Congress.  Figure… Read More

Save the Date: Meeting On June 20 at 12pm

May 31, 2016
Please hold the date for the next meeting of the Legislative Branch Capacity Working Group. We will meet on Monday, June 20 from 12 to 1:30pm in the Capitol… Read More

Academic Panel On Congressional Capacity

May 30, 2016
Lee Drutman and Kevin Kosar, the co-directors of the Legislative Branch Capacity Working Group, will be on a panel titled “Assessing Congress’ Capacity to Solve Problems.” This will occur… Read More

Spending on Congressional Staff Is Less Than Lobbying Expenditures

May 30, 2016
“The entire House and Senate combined now spend less on staff ($2 billion a year) than corporations spend on reported lobbying ($2.6 billion a year). But since that reported… Read More

Senate Does Not Raise Staff Salaries

May 26, 2016
  Senate appropriators did not follow the House’s lead and increase funding for personal staff…(Read more at Meanwhile, a recent report by the Congressional Research Service shows… Read More

The Legislative Branch’s Big Oversight Problem

May 26, 2016
The federal government has seen a century of growth. In 1915, the government had only a handful of departments, 400,000 employees (half of whom worked for the U.S. Postal… Read More