APSA White Papers on Congressional Capacity

September 6, 2016
Every chair was filled at the American Political Science Association panel discussing congressional capacity. The papers delivered were: Anthony Madonna and Ian Ostrander, “A Congress of Cannibals: The Evolution… Read More

ICYMI: Members of Congress Publish Essays On the State of Congress

August 24, 2016
The July 2016 copy of PS: Political Science and Politics carries essays by four members of Congress (one former and three current). This unusual and happy development was the… Read More

Next Meeting: Monday, September 19, 2016 at 12pm in the Capitol Visitors Center

August 10, 2016
Source: VisitTheCapitol.gov Save the date! We’ll be in the CVC and providing lunch to attendees. The topic du jour and an official invitation is forthcoming. Read More

Would Adding More Members to Congress Make It Function Better?

August 9, 2016
Source: Kevin R. Kosar Writing for Aeon, David V. Johnson says a legislature should be “large enough to reflect the interests of an entire people.” He notes that James… Read More

A Case for Stronger Congressional Committees

August 3, 2016
With congressional partisanship at record highs and congressional approval ratings at record lows, the First Branch should consider reform. Two recent white papers (one analyzing the House, the… Read More

Watch Tuesday’s Meeting Live Online at 12pm (EDT)

July 25, 2016
We are livestreaming the July 26 meeting of the Legislative Branch Capacity Working Group at https://plus.google.com/events/c1rtks4h3mmcskj6h9g05ma31t8. The topic is “CRS in the 21st Century” and we have posted… Read More

Senate Appropriators FY2017 Language on the Congressional Research Service

July 22, 2016
The May 19, 2016, Senate  Appropriations Committee’s report carries this language regarding the Congressional Research Service. Congressional Research Servicesalaries and expenses Appropriations, 2016………………………………    $106,945,000Budget… Read More

RSVP for the July 26, 2016 Meeting

July 13, 2016
The Madison Building, which houses CRS. Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:UpstateNYer To reserve a seat, surf to https://thecongressionalresearchservic.splashthat.com/ The meeting’s topic is: a Congressional Research Service for the 21st century. The Congressional Research… Read More

Should We Bring Back Earmarks?

July 12, 2016
Source: Citizens Against Government Waste, http://www.cagw.org/ Earmarks have been denounced as both wasteful and corrupt. Shortly before becoming Speaker, John Boehner declared, “Earmarks have become a symbol of a… Read More

Save the Date: Next Meeting Is Tuesday, July 26 at 12pm

July 11, 2016
Please hold the date for the next meeting of the Legislative Branch Capacity Working Group. We will meet on Tuesday, July 26 from 12 to 1:30pm in the… Read More