The fallout of January 6 continues to land on Capitol Hill staff

Katherine Tully-McManus has a must-read in Roll Call about how Capitol Hill staffers are dealing with the ongoing mental, emotional and physical fallout from the events of January 6.


“The idea of standing outside Longworth in a 30-person line is making us nervous,” he said. “Now we’re aware that if someone wants to cause harm, there are 30 unprotected staffers all just standing in a row.”

“I’m not sure all the mental health support in the world will do anything if the danger remains present and anyone with a violent thought in their head can get to the buildings,” he said in April.

“People need to get assistance, but they’re too afraid of what is going to happen to them if they take a day off to figure out what’s going on with their mental health. Because most chiefs of staff don’t actually know how to handle that,” the senior House staffer said.

“If there is one thing that should happen, it is that you can’t assume people know it’s OK to get care. Leaders have to make it clear, and have to be explicit, and not say, ‘Well, I just assumed [if] they need help, they’ll ask me,’” said Kildee.

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