Unpacking Court Reform: How to Ensure a Strong Judiciary

In December 2021, the Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court of the United States released its final report, which outlined the history of the Supreme Court and the likely consequences of various reform ideas, including establishing term limits, setting ethical standards, packing the Supreme Court and improving courtroom transparency.

Calls for judicial reform are growing once again in the wake of recent major Supreme Court opinions on hot-button issues like abortion and gun rights, continued concerns over justices’ ethical conflicts, increased use of the so-called “shadow docket” and ever-more-heated rhetoric directed at members of the Supreme Court. At the same time, the lower courts are struggling with capacity problems due to vacancies, and the public is struggling with access to court records under the clunky and costly Public Access to Court Electronic Records system.

The online discussion featured three of the sharpest judicial experts about the future of the judiciary and what can be done to ensure broad public confidence in our courts.


  • [Moderator] Matt Germer, Fellow, R Street Institute
  • Adam White, Senior Fellow, American Enterprise Institute
  • Sarah Isgur, Staff Writer, The Dispatch
  • Gabe Roth, Executive Director, Fix the Court
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