Watch: Future Casework Virtual Summit

While Congress and the federal agencies in its oversight jurisdiction have changed drastically in the last fifty years, Congressional casework has remained stuck in place.

The POPVOX Foundation convened caseworkers, researchers, and Congressional advocates to discuss how casework may change in the next decade, including:

  • Casework, data, and oversight: How can Congress tap into casework data and caseworker expertise to improve oversight?
  • Casework and technology: How could custom-built technology linking caseworkers, constituents, and federal agencies modernize casework and improve the constituent experience?
  • Casework and disaster relief: How can casework teams leverage agency relationships to coordinate effective disaster response?
  • Professionalizing the casework workforce: What can caseworkers learn from other professions that emphasize sustainable, standardized ethics and care training?


Tim Stretton, Director of Congressional Oversight, Project on Government Oversight (POGO)

Sarah Butts, Director of Public Policy, National Association of Social Workers

Anne Meeker, Director of Strategic Initiatives, POPVOX Foundation

Congressman Rodney Davis, Vice-Chair, Committee on House Administration

Yuri Beckelman, Staff Director, House Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress

Logan De La Barre-Hays, Senior Legislative Assistant, Congressman Garret Graves

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