Dodging the Ryan Budget: Republican Schadenfreude

June 23, 2011
Politico notes that the Ryan budget is quickly becoming a litmus test for Republicans.  The trick, David Catanese argues, is catering to conservative primary voters while dodging the unpopular Ryan… Read More

GOP Women: “As Conservative as the Men are”

June 21, 2011
Politico has a story today (here) that addresses the new crop of women in the Republican party.  There are a couple points in the article that I… Read More

Visualizing Mitt Romney’s 2007 and 2011 Presidential Announcements

June 5, 2011
Here are two word clouds of Mitt Romney’s 2007 and 2011 presidential announcements (I used  The returns were limited to the 20 most frequently used words with “common”… Read More

Responding to Nate Silver: Elections and Economic Conditions

June 5, 2011
Nate Silver wrote a very good post yesterday about the ability of economic models to forecast election results. I think he does a good job of debunking the idea that… Read More

Members of Congress have Better Stocks Than You

May 31, 2011
Congress has had its share of financial, fundraising, and pork-barrel scandals. Well, add this to the mix. There is an interesting article in the Business and Politics Journal, by… Read More

How You Can Become Parliamentarian

May 30, 2011
I was reading Gregory Wawro, Sarah Binder, Steven Smith and Gregory Koger’s Senate testimony earlier today when I came across the comments of Robert Dove, a former Senate parliamentarian (Wikipedia entry here). Read More

Where’s the Realignment?

May 24, 2011
It dawned on me today just how much America has gone through over the last decade. A major terrorist attack, systemic economic failure, credit freezes, massive failures in disaster response,… Read More

“Mitch-slapped GOP,” Really?

May 22, 2011
Politico, an organization I have a lot of respect for, and one of the webpages I read daily, posted an article about 30 minutes ago on Mitch Daniels’… Read More

A Shameless Plug: Shirking the Initiative?

April 28, 2011
Maybe shameless is a bit strong; disseminating your research is important in academia after all.  But Josh and I (along with our colleague at Florida, Dan Smith), have a paper that was… Read More

Let’s Pump the Brakes a Little Bit

February 16, 2011
Getting caught up in the media cycle is natural, even unavoidable. Despite the fact that many news stories are hardly “news worthy,” we can’t help but follow it. We ignore… Read More