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A Plan for the People’s House Four Strategies to Reopen Congress and Restore America’s Voice

May 7, 2020
Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” Recently, we called on Speaker Pelosi to establish a clear, safe, and effective plan for reopening… Read More

Escaping the foreign policy dilemma

May 6, 2020
Source: One of the reasons we have elections is for the sake of better synchronizing political leaders with the wishes of the public. Yet, in the realm of… Read More

Foreign Affairs: How Congress can play a constructive role

May 5, 2020
Source: Click here to RSVP The Executive Branch is not the only voice in foreign policymaking. The Constitution gives Congress numerous foreign affairs responsibilities, including the power… Read More

The election is in six months. Where does the race for control of Congress stand?

May 3, 2020
It’s an election year. It can be easy to forget that, given the appropriately single-minded focus in the media on COVID-19 and its devastating health and economic impacts. But in… Read More

Important COVID-19 update to

May 1, 2020
In the last two months, multiple spending bills have been signed into law with the intention of alleviating the threat of the coronavirus pandemic and providing relief to individuals and… Read More

Presidential purse snatching

April 30, 2020
Some constitutional language is necessarily open-textured, as when it forbids the “establishment” of religion or “unreasonable” searches, or when it guarantees the “free exercise” of religion, “due process” and “equal… Read More

The Crisis Congress: What is the legislature’s job in a national crisis?

April 29, 2020
Recent weeks have seen the U.S. Congress rise to the challenge of a public-health crisis in some impressive ways. In an era when the institution barely moves, and major bipartisan… Read More

Pandemic endangers American political activity, self-governance

April 28, 2020
The impact that COVID-19 has had on American public life over the past two months has been extraordinary. Millions of workers have lost their jobs or are furloughed without pay. Read More

Congress gets value from inspectors general

April 27, 2020
President Trump fired Michael Atkinson from his post as inspector general of the intelligence community. This week, the administration ensured that acting Pentagon inspector general Glenn Fine will not oversee… Read More

How Congress made the Secretary of the Treasury the boss

April 24, 2020
Meet the new boss. The most memorable official pronouncement during the financial crisis of 2008 came at a Senate Banking Committee hearing on July 15. There, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson… Read More