The Senate Committee on Rules and Administration is hemorrhaging staff. Why?

October 25, 2017
At the beginning of the 115th Congress, Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL) took over as chairman of the Senate Rules and Administration Committee from Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO). Over… Read More

ICYMI: More work, fewer staff. Goldschmidt and Kosar discuss congressional capacity

October 24, 2017
Listen to Kathy Goldschmidt (Congressional Management Foundation) and Kevin Kosar (R Street Institute) the discussion on Federal News Radio at… Read More

Why We Do Not Need a More Powerful Presidency

September 12, 2017
Casey Burgat and Kevin Kosar write in Washington Monthly: “Once upon a time, we had a legislative branch that could help govern. The House and Senate had long-serving leaders… Read More

Video of Meeting on Congress and Evidence-Based Policy

July 31, 2017
The July 17, 2017 meeting of the Legislative Branch Capacity Working Group examined the use of data and analyses in policy-making. Questions considered included: “What are the challenges Congress faces… Read More

Video of Meeting On: Does Congress Have the Capacity it Needs to Conduct Oversight?

May 24, 2017
Envisioned by the founders as the “first” branch of government, Congress has the responsibility of overseeing and managing the other two arms of our constitutional system. And yet, as the… Read More

House Legislative Branch Appropriations Open Hearing, May 3, 2017

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May 3, 2017
To its great credit, the House’s legislative branch appropriations subcommittee held an open hearing where anyone with an interest in legislative branch spending could have their say. This is… Read More

Rep. Ken Buck on the Federal Budget Accountability Act

May 2, 2017
By Kevin R. Kosar Rep. Ken Buck, R-Co, introduced H.R. 1999, the Federal Budget Accountability Act in April. It is a short bill — barely two… Read More

An Uncomfortable Reality… Congress Needs More Staff

May 1, 2017
At the Ripon Society Forum, Kevin R. Kosar writes: Mark Twain famously remarked, “Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress; but I repeat… Read More

Podcast with Michael Golden Regarding Congressional Reform

April 12, 2017
Image source: Understandably, politics, policy (military, health, etc.), and re-election tend to swamp the minds of those who serve on Capitol Hill. What tends to get crowded out is thinking… Read More

ICYMI: Group Strives to “Make Congress Great Again”

April 2, 2017
Photo credit: Tom WIlliams/CQ Roll Call Congressional Quarterly/Roll Call published a very fine article on the Legislative Branch Capacity Working Group. You may read it at… Read More