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Why are members leaving Congress?

December 3, 2018  ·  Nick Penniman, Marian Currinder
The 116th Congress will have the largest, most diverse incoming freshman class in a generation. But this milestone wasn’t achieved just because a bunch of incumbents lost. Well before November 6, more… Read More

ICYMI: Top reads on Congress

November 30, 2018  ·  Marian Currinder
Paul Kane, “Want Congress to look more like the people it serves? Provide member housing, pay staff more,” Washington Post: “Two of those possibilities should be considered next year… Read More

Can Pelosi flip enough votes? Probably not without conceding her job.

November 28, 2018  ·  Joshua Huder
The attempted Pelosi ouster is crumbling. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) heads into today’s Democratic Caucus leadership elections unopposed in the race for Speaker. However, her quest for the… Read More

A truckload of watermelons: Five OMG’s from John Lawrence’s “The Class of ‘74”

November 28, 2018  ·  Kevin Kosar
John Lawrence has some tales to tell. He served nearly four decades in the House, culminating as the chief of staff to Nancy Pelosi during her stint as… Read More

Self-government in a republic of 325 million

November 27, 2018  ·  Philip Wallach
In the 2016 and 2018 elections, both sides claimed that they represented the “real” American people. Candidates from both parties called for the people to rise up and take the… Read More

Examining the Problem Solvers Caucus proposed rules changes

November 27, 2018  ·  Casey Burgat, Joshua Huder
In her bid to regain the Speaker’s gavel, Rep. Nancy Pelosi has been quietly meeting and assuaging members who were previously dead-set on opposing her nomination. And, in typical fashion,… Read More

What happens when the House picks a Speaker?

November 26, 2018  ·  Matt Glassman
In the wake of the federal elections last week, all eyes immediately turned toward the Democratic Party and the impending transfer of power in the House of Representatives. While many… Read More

Why we should expect to see more rule-breaking in Congress from now on

November 21, 2018  ·  Brian Alexander
On June 12, 2016, the United States was confronted with another horrific gun massacre, this time at a nightclub in Orlando, Florida, resulting in the deaths of 49… Read More

LegBranch conversations: An interview with John Lawrence

November 20, 2018  ·  Kevin Kosar
Kevin Kosar, Vice President of Policy at the R Street Institute and co-director of the Legislative Branch Capacity Working Group, interviews John Lawrence about his book, The Class of… Read More

Special House rules explained

November 20, 2018  ·  Casey Burgat
In teaching introductory legislative procedure, the House Rules Committee is justifiably given a fair amount of attention given its outsized role in determining policy consideration for the… Read More