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ICYMI: Top Reads on Congress

July 19, 2019  ·  Aubrey Neal
Casey Burgat, “The case against congressional term limits,” R Street Policy Study, July 18, 2019: “Put simply, term limits have proven to be a brain drain on legislatures. Naomi… Read More

Bring back the OTA? Not without a few changes

July 18, 2019  ·  Grant Tudor and Justin Warner
This spring, the House included $6 million to revive the Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) in its draft appropriations. The nonpartisan agency, defunded in 1995, was responsible for helping… Read More

The take down that wasn’t: Pelosi and yesterday’s House kerfuffle

July 16, 2019  ·  Casey Burgat
Official portrait of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, photographed January 11, 2019. Late Tuesday afternoon, a rare level of excitement hit the floor of the House… Read More

Congress and the electoral college

July 16, 2019  ·  Lee Drutman Should the electoral college be abolished? Prof. Julia Azari (Marquette University), Lee Drutman (New America), and James Wallner (R Street Institute) debate and discuss the electoral college and… Read More

Lessons on Congressional Reform from Donald M. Fraser

July 15, 2019  ·  Emily Baer-Bositis
Source: Congressional Pictorial Dictionary. This month, former Congressman Donald M. Fraser (D-MN) passed away at the age of 95. For many observers of… Read More

ICYMI: Top Reads on Congress

July 13, 2019  ·  Aubrey Neal
Kate Ackley, “House modernization leaders seek consensus despite hurdles,” Roll Call. July 10, 2019: “In the committee’s first months, Kilmer and Graves have taken a bipartisan tack that is… Read More

Recent news on the Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress

July 11, 2019  ·  Kevin Kosar
“So far, the panel has held six hearings, including its first on March 12. Kilmer and the top Republican, Tom Graves of Georgia, have hired three full-time staffers and… Read More

Video: How House leadership is chosen and trained: A conversation with Matthew Green

July 10, 2019  ·  Kevin Kosar
 How is the speaker and the other leaders of the House chosen? What factors who wins these races… Read More

Who reaches the pinnacle of power in Congress, and why?

July 9, 2019  ·  James Wallner
Few would dispute the critical role that party leaders play in Congress today. They are intimately involved in every stage of the legislative process. Leaders set the agenda, resolve disagreements… Read More

How McConnell blocked amendments on the defense bill

July 8, 2019  ·  James Wallner
The Senate voted Monday to begin debate on the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2020 (S. 1790). Senators approved the motion to proceed to… Read More