Just How Abusive Are Our Administrative Courts, Really?

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November 7, 2018
In the early months of Donald Trump’s presidency, Steve Bannon thrilled legal conservatives with a declaration that the Trump administration would be committed to a “deconstruction of the administrative state.”… Read More

Sudan v. Harrison: How mailing a foreign embassy created a legal kerfuffle

November 6, 2018
Let’s say you want to sue someone. Along with writing a complaint and filing it with the court, you must be sure the person (or organization) you’re suing has “notice.”… Read More

ICYMI: Top reads on Congress

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November 2, 2018
Anthony Adragna, “The powerful weapon House Republicans handed Democrats,” Politico: “Democrats eager to investigate the Trump administration if they seize the House would have the GOP to thank for… Read More

Birthright citizenship and the 14th Amendment

October 31, 2018
On Tuesday President Donald Trump announced plans to draft an executive order that would deny birthright American citizenship to children born in the United States to non-citizen parents. This proposed… Read More

ICYMI: Top Reads on Congress

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October 26, 2018
Ella Nilsen, “Nancy Pelosi just suggested she sees herself as a “transitional” House speaker,” Vox: “Pelosi made it clear she still intends to run for speaker if Democrats win… Read More

Book review: Unelected Power: The Quest for Legitimacy in Central Banking and the Regulatory State

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October 25, 2018
Sir Paul Tucker is an unusual type. He is a consummate bureaucratic insider—a 30-year veteran of the Bank of England and now the chair of a group of ex-central bankers… Read More

ICYMI: Top reads on Congress

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October 19, 2018
Hans Noel, “The Senate represents states, not people. That’s the problem,” Vox: “These concerns were central for the Framers, who were looking at the Constitution from the very state-centered… Read More

Video available for lecture series on Congress and congressional capacity

October 15, 2018
This past August, the U.S. Capitol Historical Society hosted a weekly lecture series on Congress and congressional capacity. Congressional scholars presented new research on various aspects of… Read More

ICYMI: Top reads on Congress

October 12, 2018
Amber Phillips, “The Kavanaugh fight was historically ugly. Blame a Congress that was primed to bungle it,” Washington Post: “The vast majority of senators on… Read More

Event: Can a revised inherent contempt procedure strengthen enforcement of House subpoenas to the executive branch?

October 9, 2018
Good Government Now invites you to a panel discussion and lunch on Friday, October 19th: Can a Revised Inherent Contempt… Read More